Quick Guide to Trading on BrandedStocklots.

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Quick Guide to Trading on BrandedStocklots.

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Joining BrandedStocklots.com offers more than just a platform; you're entering a global marketplace. We're tailored to promote your growth and make buyer interactions seamless. Grow beyond selling, thrive with us.

Our platform is tailored for wholesalers eager to connect globally. Manufacturers, distributors, and businesses across all sectors find value here.

Getting started is easy! Head to our 'Buy & Sell Stocklots' section, pick a subscription plan that suits you. Need help? Our support team is just a call away.

We're a premier marketplace that specializes in branded stocklots. Our platform caters to both newcomers and seasoned B2B sellers worldwide. Use our tools to boost your sales and connect within the marketplace. Join the BrandedStocklots.com community today.

While sellers usually set fixed prices, they retain control over their price listings and may be open to negotiation.

Each seller sets his or her own MOQ displayed on each product page.

Absolutely! We host diverse suppliers, including factory owners and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Businesses of all sizes source their products from us, and individuals worldwide use our platform for personal needs.

Simply navigate to 'My Profile' in your account, and select 'Account Information.' Here, you can update your email and password.

Absolutely. Since our establishment in 2018, we've consistently increased our customer base, with businesses worldwide sourcing products from our platform. We prioritize data protection, safeguarding personal and financial information.

Our affordability comes from the principle of economies of scale - bulk quantities come with discounted prices. This, combined with the fact that we connect directly with manufacturers, results in lower costs and higher savings for you.

We recommend responding to all inquiries within 24 hours to maintain excellent customer service.

The most effective method is listing your products using the lowest unit price (i.e., per milliliter, milligram, pound, ounce).

BrandedStocklots.com offers several advertising options:
  • Top Advertisements: Sellers can upgrade their advertisements to a Top Ad for better visibility on the homepage and stocklots page.
  • Home Banner Advertisement: Sellers can upgrade their advertisements to a Home Banner Ad for maximum visibility on the homepage and stocklots page.
  • Liquidation Deal: Sellers can place their advertisements in the Liquidation Deal page to sell their stocklots faster.
  • Category Banner Advertisement: Sellers can upgrade their advertisements to be shown on a specific category page.

Our 'Bulk Upload' feature (located under the 'Manage Products' tab) allows you to add several products simultaneously. Simply follow the on-screen instructions.

To resell a company's products legally, you'll need to submit brand authorization. We accept invoices and direct authorization letters. To submit, visit 'My BrandedStocklots,' click 'Account Information,' select 'Edit Profile,' and submit your authorization under the 'Verification Center' page.
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