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Lightweight Fiber LPG Propane Butane Gas Cylinder

Sold by : EnergySource BV

    Presenting our Fiber LPG Propane Butane Gas Cylinder, a robust and efficient solution for various gas storage needs. This 12.5kg cylinder is made from high-quality HDPE and glass fiber, ensuring durability and safety. It features a water ca ...
Efficient Micro Pelton Turbine for Hydroelectric Power

Sold by : EnergySource BV

    Introducing our Micro Pelton Turbine, a perfect solution for small-scale hydroelectric power plants. Designed for water heads ranging from 1 to 500 meters, it offers an efficiency of 87-96%. Features include stainless steel or casting iron ...
Compact 500W Portable Power Stations for Outdoor and Emergency Use

Sold by : EnergySource BV

    Presenting our latest range of 500W Portable Power Stations, ideal for outdoor camping, travel, and emergency power backup. These power stations are equipped with a 135000mAh lithium-ion battery, offering reliable and efficient energy stora ...
Advanced DC EV Chargers - Fast Charging, Multiple Power Options

Sold by : EnergySource BV

    Explore our state-of-the-art DC EV Chargers, designed for fast and efficient charging of electric vehicles. Offering power options of 60KW, 120KW, and 180KW, these chargers are ideal for commercial use. They come with IP55 rating, ensuring ...
High-Efficiency Hybrid Solar Inverters - Range 4KW to 20KW

Sold by : EnergySource BV

    Discover our high-quality Hybrid Solar Inverters, available in a range from 4KW to 20KW. Perfect for both Off-Grid and Hybrid Solar Systems, these inverters are designed with MPPT solar controller integration, ensuring over 94% efficiency. ...
Premium Kapok Seed Oil for Biofuel

Sold by : EnergySource BV

    Introducing our high-grade Kapok Seed Oil, an excellent choice for the biofuel industry and animal feed production. This premium oil, extracted using advanced liquid-solid extraction methods, is a sustainable and healthy option. Available i ...
High-Power LED Street Lights - Waterproof

Sold by : EnergySource BV

    Introducing our range of high-quality LED Street Lights, designed for energy efficiency and durability. Featuring IP65 waterproof rating, these lights are ideal for outdoor industrial use. Available in power ranges from 50W to 300W, with a ...
Industrial-Grade Energy Storage System - 200kWh Capacity

Sold by : EnergySource BV

    Explore our top-quality 200kWh Lithium battery Energy Storage Systems, ideal for industrial hybrid systems. These units are perfect for efficient power management and energy storage in a variety of industrial settings. Our systems feature advanc ...


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